The Assets Of


A convicted Fraudster and Drug Money Launderer

Current Address:      DOB  4/19/52

1501 Wilson Ave.                                                               

Tullahoma, Tennessee                                                 

Mr. Wells has committed crimes of moral turpitude against his fellow man.

Laundering COCAINE money is a crime of moral turpitude.

FRAUD is a crime of moral turpitude. 

He is a convicted felon, having been convicted in U.S. Federal Court for Laundering Cocaine money and having been convicted of Fraud in the Superior Court of California.

Presently there are outstanding judgements for Fraud in the states of California, Florida, and Tennessee against Thomas E. Wells.

Mr. Wells is knowledgeable and preys on trusting victims using smooth talk, false advertising and a deceitful caring demeanor.

Through his despicable actions he has proven himself to be a detriment to society.

If considering any business dealings with this person use extreme caution.  The recommended procedure is: not have any dealings with him whatsoever.

Mr. Wells is a criminal, always looking for a way to cheat someone out of their money, having an LLC in Colorado with an office address in Arizona, named “The Thomas Wells Companies,” which seem to present a construction related company, and his most recent bankrupt sham venture “Vintage Motor Car Company” which was located  in Hendersonville, North Carolina. 

He fraudulently dealt in Antique Automobiles in Hendersonville, North Carolina and in Bradenton, Florida. 

Recent information and advertisement by Mr. Wells support the belief he is working out of the address in Tullahoma at this time, most likely over the internet. 

Do not conduct any type of business over the internet with this person. For Mr. Wells, the internet is an opportunity for “Easy pickings.”

A reward is offered for information leading to any assets of Thomas E. Wells which may be used to satisfy outstanding judgements against him. 

Mr. Wells is also under investigation and lien by the Federal Government for nonpayment of payroll taxes.                                   

For additional information please go to thomasewells.blogspot.com   If you have information regarding Thomas E. Wells assets or activities please contact Darrell Archer (judgement creditor) at dahardhat7@yahoo.com                                                                           


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